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AAS Officer Duties

American Arachnological Society
Duties and Responsibilities of Society Officers
Drafted Paula E. Cushing & Al Cady, September 2007
Revised August 2017
The operational rules of the American Arachnological Society, hereafter referred to as the AAS, are codified in the Constitution and By-Laws of the AAS (posted at http://www.americanarachnology.org/governance/documents/AAS_Constitution_2014.pdf. The purpose of the present document is to codify the duties and responsibilities of the society officers – including duties already codified in the Constitution as well as additional duties and responsibilities as indicated below. This document also identifies the various standing committees and the duties and responsibilities of standing committee chairs.

Elected Executive Committee (EC) Members (Voting Members of the EC)
President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Directors

EC Members Appointed by the President with Approval of the EC (Voting Members of the EC)
Webmaster, Membership Secretary, Journal of Arachnology Editor-in-Chief

EC Members Appointed by the President with Approval of the EC (Non-voting Members of the EC)
Archivist, Graduate Student Representative, Parliamentarian, and standing committee chairs

Duties and Responsibilities of all EC members:
All voting EC members are expected to attend the annual EC meeting at the AAS conference if possible. All non-voting EC members are strongly encouraged to attend this annual meeting. All EC members are expected to read and be familiar with the AAS Constitution and By-Laws.

President – duties

President-Elect – duties

Treasurer – duties

Secretary – duties

Senior Director

Director – past President

Director – newly elected

Membership Secretary


Graduate Student Representative


Journal of Arachnology Editor-in-Chief


Standing Committees
Standing committees and duties include:

Additional Duties of standing committee chairs