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Cover of Spiders of North AmericaSpiders of North America -
An Identification Manual, 2nd Edition

Edited by Darrell Ubick, Pierre Paquin, Paula E. Cushing, & Vince Roth.
Original drawings by Nadine Dupérré




General information

The 2nd edition of this beautifully illustrated guide to the spiders of North America, north of Mexico, provides updated keys and information about this important part of North American fauna. An indispensable reference for anyone interested in spider diversity or identification. This updated edition provides more than 1,400 illustrations and keys to the genera in 71 spider families and more than 600 genera. Taxonomic changes since the publication of the 1st edition in 2005 are reflected in every chapter. The manual includes 76 chapters and information including:

This is the first completely revised version of the manual since its original publication in 2005. Note that this is not a photo-ID guide to spiders; it is intended to aid in accurate identification by providing details of spider morphology/anatomy. A guide to morphology used in classification is provided in the introduction. The information on spider biology and identification make this manual especially suitable for both amateur naturalists and professional arachnologists.

Darrell Ubick is a curatorial assistant in the department of entomology at the California Academy of Sciences. He is  a well-known spider taxonomist who has published on a variety of taxa. His recent research focus has been on spiders in the family Oonopidae.

Pierre Paquin is a well-known spider taxonomist with an expertise on cave fauna. He and illustrator Nadine Dupérré have published numerous articles and identification manuals focused on the spider fauna of Canada.

Paula Cushing is a curator of invertebrate zoology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Her research focus is on the systematics and taxonomy of camel spiders in the arachnid order Solifuge. She has also published on spider-ant symbioses.

Vince D. Roth was born in 1924 and died in 1997. He began working on a spider identification guide over four decades ago and published the original predecessor of Spiders of North America, titled Spider Genera of North America in1982. Spiders of North America: An Identification Manual is a direct result of Roth’s pioneering work.

The 2nd edition of Spiders of North America: an identification manual retails for $95 US from online booksellers. However the American Arachnological Society is offering the 2nd edition to AAS members for $50. 

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