Casual Night with Arachnids

Sunday June 27, 8:00 - 10:00 pm EDT

A tradition at the meetings of the American Arachnological Society has been an evening dedicated to sharing photos, short videos, and other short presentations at an informal event.  The goal is to have fun and disseminate information about arachnids to a general, non-technical, audience.  In our traditional “in-person” meetings this often involved contacting local media to invite the host locality’s community to join us.  Because of the virtual nature of this meeting (2021) has opened up attendance broadly, this event should be of interest to all arachnophiles.

If you have photos, short videos, or a short presentation about arachnids, please consider this venue.  Requests for inclusion in the program should be submitted to Rich Bradley at ( by Friday 25 June, 5pm.  In your message share your ideas and an estimate of the amount time requested.  All presentations will be limited to 15 minutes, but shorter content is also fine.  Because of the virtual (Zoom) nature of this event, you should be prepared to share your (computer) screen with the content.  Please choose the highest quality connection available.