Artists, Photographers, Writers, and Creators of Arachnology-related Items or Media

Nicky Bay


I take macro photographs of invertebrates, especially arachnids, and have selected the awesome ones to be printed onto bags and luggage covers. Nothing screams arachnophile more than these.


Twitter: @singaporemacro

Instagram: @sgmacro

Leslie Bulion

Childen's Author and Poet

Science poetry, nature exploration & stewardship with young readers ages 6-106. NEW! Spi-Ku: A Clutter of Short Verse on Eight Legs—a trait-by-tricksy-trait adventure in the spiderworld, illustrated by Robert Meganck! (Peachtree Publishing Company)


Twitter: @LeslieBulion

Facebook: leslie.bulion

Mary Capaldi

The Art of Mary Capaldi

Original art and designs inspired by nature's great little wonders.


Twitter: @MaryCapaldi

Instagram: @artofmarycapaldi

The Tarantula Collective


The Tarantula Collective is a channel for anyone interested in Tarantulas, Spiders, Scorpions, Isopods, and all forms of invertebrates. I make videos about arachnids including Nature Documentaries, Species Specific Care, Unboxing & Rehousing, Top 10 Lists, How To, & Feeding.


Twitter: @TheTarantulaCo1

Instagram: @the_tarantula_collective

Youtube: The Tarantula Collective

Tea Francis


Artist, jeweller, photographer, naturalist, spider-keeper. Created the logo for the 2021 Virtual meeting of the American Arachnological Society!

Etsy shop: AddersTongue 

Twitter: @teafrancis

Instagram: @Scienteafic

Caitlin Henderson

She’s Got Legs

Science comedian. Macro photographer. Ten spiders in a trench coat.


Twitter: @gotlegsmacro

Facebook: She's got legs photography

Youtube: She’s Got Legs

Herboreal Arts

Herboreal Arts

I make pins, patches, and stickers inspired by the occult, the natural world, and disability, with a focus on southwest wildlife.


Twitter: @herborealart

Instagram: @herborealart

Aaron McKee

Spider with Eight Left Tarsi

I am a general writer turned science writer/communicator, as I work towards a career in research arachnology.

Website: spiderw8lefttarsi

Twitter: @8LeftTarsi

Instagram: @spiderw8lefttarsi

The Vexed Muddler

Fashion for the Scientific Body

Whether you’re hunting arachnids in leaf litter, cataloguing specimens, or writing your genus revision, The Vexed Muddler keeps you in style with arachnid-themed clothing & accessories that fit your active (or slacker) life.


Twitter: @vexedmuddler

Catherine Scott


I make 3-layer face masks with fabrics featuring insects, arachnids, and other arthropods. Currently donating all proceeds to the AAS to support student scholarship funds. 

Etsy shop: EntoMasks


Twitter: @Cataranea

Renee Segroves

Kraken Fine Arts

I'm an aspiring professional artist and spider enthusiast who works mainly in digital art, pencil drawings, and collage.


Thomas Shahan

Arachnid Shirts

Macro-photographer, illustrator, printmaker. Shirts featuring arachnids & other arthropods! 


Twitter: @ThomasShahan

Instagram: @thomas_shahan

Youtube: Thomas Shahan

Rebecca Steele

Rebecca Steele

My art focuses primarily on human anatomy, but extends to anything I'm interested in. Mostly traditional pens and markers, but I've created digital art used for wedding invitations, a Girl Scout patch, and company logos.

Instagram: @chewbecca_doodles

Nik Willmott

ArachNik Art

I mostly make sculptures using polymer clay with wire skeletons. I enjoy making sculptures of spiders and other arthropods, fantastical creatures, anatomical features, video game characters,and cartoon characters.

Twitter: @arachnik

Instagram: @arach.nik

Gil Wizen

Ethical Entomounts 

Gil's expertise is breeding arthropods for display purposes at museums and zoos. He produces ethical mounts from either molts or specimens that died of old age after reproduction. Nothing was collected from wild populations or killed for the purpose of creating the mounts.


Twitter: @wizentrop

Renata Wright

Renata Wright Art

Spider artist and watercolour teacher from Perth, Western Australia, sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of spiders through visual art and social media.


Facebook: Renata Wright Art