AAS Meeting 2022

Join the next meeting of the American Arachnological Society

2022 Annual Meeting

It is our pleasure to open registration and abstract submission for the 2022 meeting of the American Arachnological Society. Early registration rates and abstract submission will be available until Monday, June 7 but we ask that everyone consider registering and submitting abstracts as early as possible (space for oral presentations may be limited).  Virtual programming is available to those that are unable to attend in-person; please see the website for details. International participants who register for the virtual program will also have the opportunity to present a poster remotely (note that this option is only available to colleagues joining us from abroad).

Our goal with this meeting was to keep costs as low as possible, with registration fees comparable to past meetings, while still providing an engaging schedule of talks and outreach, networking, and social events at a great venue at the UC Davis campus. The meeting will open with a reception on Sunday evening followed by an evening social at a local vineyard and winery (Great Bear Vineyards on Monday night) and a closing banquet on Wednesday night. Conference sessions will be held in California Hall, the largest and most modern lecture hall at the UC Davis campus.

Speaking of costs and challenges – post pandemic impacts on campus housing planning presents a number of challenges. The most cost-effective accommodation we were able to negotiate was a plan that includes lodging and two meals (breakfast and lunch). The glitch is that the lodging does not include linens. For some reason they were only able to do linens with a more expensive three meal option (having folks buy a plan with dinners already provided, on most days, was not acceptable). Consequently, folks will need to bring a sleeping bag or their own linens for a standard dorm room bed. If this presents an insurmountable problem for anyone, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly – we’ll find a solution!

We have also added activities to promote networking opportunities including a LGBTQ+ breakfast and a “Diversify Arachnology Lunch” on Tuesday; please indicate your interest in attending these events (along with others) when registering.

In collaboration with Eileen Hebets at the University of Nebraska, we will kick things off Saturday with a community outreach event celebrating arachnids – “Eight-Legged Encounters.” Please indicate your interest in joining the event (we will be in contact with details) and note that you will need to make independent lodging arrangements for Friday and Saturday night as the campus dorms will not be available until Sunday.

The field trip is scheduled for the Thursday following the formal meeting; if you are staying in the dorms you will have the option for one additional night. We will spend the day at Calaveras Big Trees State Park (https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=551) – the park preserves two magnificent groves of giant sequoias - the world's largest trees.