AAS Listserv

AAS Listserv

The AAS sponsors a listserv where members can post announcements, pose questions regarding arachnids in research, discuss scientific findings, and foster discussions of arachnological research topics. This listserv is not meant as a mechanism for the general public to post questions about “dangerous” spiders in their homes or to post pictures of mystery spiders. Such questions can be sent directly to Jerry Rovner (jsrovner@~@gmail.com).

If you are interested in joining this Arachnid listserv, follow the instructions below:

Send an e-mail message to:
In the Subject line write:

To unsubscribe to the listserv, send a message to:                       
In Subject line write:

Listserv Rules:

  1. Keep messages focused on topic and avoid “what is this spider in my basement” messages.
  2. Avoid sending large attachments.
  3. If members post a request for a pdf or some other large file, send the requested pdf directly to that person, not to the listserv.
  4. If offering a pdf, send a link to a site where the document can be uploaded by interested parties or ask interested parties to send you an off-listserv request for the file.
  5. The listserv is setup so that when you reply to a listserv post, both the listserv address and the sender’s address will be in the “To” line. Thus, if you wish to respond only to the individual who sent the original post, you can do so by deleting the arachnid@~@lists.unl.edu address from the To line.