Spiders of the World: A Natural History

By Norman I. Platnick (Editor) with contributions by Rudy Jocqué, Gustavo Hormiga, Robert Raven, Martín J. Ramírez and Peter Jäger

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Common Spiders of North America

Spiders of North America - An Identification Manual

Edited by Darrell Ubick, Pierre Paquin, Paula E. Cushing, & Vince Roth. Original drawings by Nadine Dupérré

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Mites: Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour: Life at a Microscale

Harvestmen: The Biology of Opiliones

Edited by Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha, Glauco Machado, Gonzalo Giribet

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Whip Spiders: Their Biology, Morphology and Systematics (Chelicerata: Amblypygi)

All You Need to Know About Spiders

By Wolfgang Nentwig, Jutta Ansorg,
Angelo Bolzern, Holger Frick, Anne-Sarah Ganske,
Ambros Hänggi, Christian Kropf, Anna Stäubli

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