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Caddo agilis by Joe WarfelCaddo agilis by Joe Warfel

Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

Norman Platnick Award for Taxonomic Research

The Norman Platnick Award for Taxonomic Research will be for outstanding early career researchers who are members of the American Arachnological Society and who are no more than six years post-PhD. (PhD students who have not been awarded their degree will not be considered).

The award criteria will be based on the quantity and/or quality of taxonomic publications that have been published or have been accepted for publication. The main judging criteria will be that the applicant's publication record shows a strong commitment to morphological taxonomy. The quality of the research, and creativity in approach and dissemination that strives to keep taxonomy relevant, will also be considered. This award will also be judged on performance relative to timeframe/opportunity (e.g., the existing support available for an applicant’s research and/or relevant career interruptions due to other commitments will be taken into consideration).

The award honors the late Dr. Norman Platnick whose prowess and tenacity greatly advanced systematic research into spiders and other arachnids. The American Arachnological Society acknowledges the support of Dr. Platnick’s family in making this bequest.

Awardees will receive a certificate and a cash prize.


Nominators and nominees must be current members of the American Arachnological Society to be eligible. Nominators should have thorough knowledge of the nominee's accomplishments and nominations must address all of the selection criteria listed below. Relevant career interruptions such as illness or caring responsibilities should be outlined clearly.

All applications should be emailed before 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on 30 April each year to the Panel Chair. Late applications will not be considered. Resubmission of updated nominations is encouraged.

Nominations must include:

Selection Panel

Dr Mark Harvey (Chair) mark.harvey@museum.wa.gov.au

Dr Brent Opell

Dr Cristina Rheims

Dr Hannah Wood

Dr Xin Xu