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The Journal of Arachnology (ISSN 0160-8202), is a publication devoted to the study of Arachnida. It is published three times each year by the American Arachnological SocietySubscriptions accompany society membership or may be purchased by institutions.


Editor-in-Chief: Deborah Smith
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
Haworth Hall, 1200 Sunnyside Ave., Lawrence, KS 66045, USA 

Managing Editor: Richard S. Vetter
Department of Entomology 
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA USA 92521

Associate/Subject Editors

Systematics (Araneae) Subject Editor: Michael Rix 
Queensland Museum
Grey St. P.O. Box 3300 
South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, AUSTRALIA 

Systematics (non-Araneae) Subject Editor: Mark Harvey
Senior Curator, Department of Terrestrial Invertebrates, Western Australian Museum 
Francis Street, Perth, Western Australia 6000, AUSTRALIA

Morphology and Physiology Subject Editor : Peter Michalik
Zoologisches Institut und Museum, Greifswald
Johann Sebastian Bach St. 11/12

Behavior Subject EditorThomas C. Jones
Department of Biological Sciences
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN 37614

Ecology Subject Editor: Martin Entling
Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau 
Fortstr. 11, 76829 Landau, Germany

Editorial Board

Alan Cady -- Miami University (Ohio)
Jonathan A. Coddington -- Smithsonian Institution
William Eberhard -- Universidad de Costa Rica
Rosemary Gillespie - University of California, Berkeley
Charles Griswold -- California Academy of Sciences
Marshal Hedin -- San Diego State University 
Marie Herberstein - Macquarire University
Yael Lubin - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Brent Opell -- Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Ann L. Rypstra -- Miami University, Ohio
William A. Shear-- Hampden-Sydney College
Jeffrey Shultz - University of Maryland 
Petra Sierwald -- Field Museum 
Soren Toft - Aarhus University
I-Min Tso - Tunghai University (Taiwan)

Undelivered and Back Issues

Contact for Undelivered Issues: Brian Patrick
Department of Biological Sciences, Dakota Wesleyan University
Mitchell, SD 57301 USA. 

Contact for Back issues: Jim Carrel - download a pdf of presently available issues here
209 Tucker Hall 
University of Missouri - Columbia 
Columbia MO 65211 USA 
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