The Journal of Arachnology - 1980
Volume 8 Number 1 - pp. 1-96

Featured Articles

The order Schizomida (Arachnida) in the New World. III. mexicanus and pecki groups (Schizomidae, Schizomus)

Revision of the genus Nebo Simon (Scorpiones: Diplocentridae)

Attitude change of Nephila clavipes spiderlings (Araneae; Araneidae) during communal life

Presencia de la familia Daesiidae en America del Sur con la descripción de un nuevo género (Solifugae)

Report on a fossil palpigrade from the Tertiary of Arizona, and a review of the morphology and systematics of the order (Arachnida, Palpigradida)

A new species of Apochthonius with paedomorphic tendencies (Pseudoscorpionida: Chthoniidae)

Research Notes

Unidentified objects

A new cavernicolous Apochthonius from California (Pseudoscorpionida: Chthoniidae)

Book Review

The Crab Spiders of Canada and Alaska: Araneae: Philodromidae and Thomlsidae, by Charles D. Dondale and James H. Redner

Nomenclatural Note

Opinion 1119, International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature