The Journal of Arachnology - 1978
Volume 6 Number 3 - pp. 161-229

Featured Articles

The order Schizomida (Arachnida) in the New World. I. Protoschizomida and dumitrescoae group (Schizomidae, Schizomus)

Tests for olfactory communication in four species of wolf spiders (Araneae, Lycosidae)

Is the sex pheromone of Lycosa rabida (Araneae, Lycosidae) deposited on a substratum?

A revision of the spider genus Barrisca (Araneae, Rhoicininae)

A comparison of the spiders of three coniferous tree species

Research Notes

A new species of Ebo from north-central Texas (Araneae, Philodromidae)

Theridion bimaculatum(Linné) in Vermont (Araneae, Theridiidae)

A new species of Mazax from Texas (Araneae, Clubionidae)