The Journal of Arachnology - 2012
Volume 40 Number 3 - pp. 263-352


Featured Articles

Distribution and morphology of the European Karst palpigrade Eukoenenia gasparoi (Arachnida: Palpigradi)

A new cave-dwelling species of Spelaeobochica (Pseudoscorpiones: Bochicidae) from Brazil

Multivariate methods support the distinction of a new highland Vaejovis (Scorpiones: Vaejovidae) from the Sierra de los Ajos, Mexico

A new species of Heterolacurbs (Opiliones: Biantidae: Stenostygninae) from Puerto Rico

The identity of Hadrobunus grandis: reassignment of Leiobunum aurugineum to H. grandis and H. nonsacculatus new species (Opiliones: Sclerosomatidae: Leiobuninae)

Comparative study of walking and climbing speeds among Neotropical harvestmen from Costa Rica

Epigeal spider responses to fertilization and plant litter: testing biodiversity theory at the ground level

Notes on the ecology and behavior of a subsocial spider Anelosimus baeza (Araneae: Theridiidae) in Mexico

Behavioral analysis of the interaction between the spitting spider Scytodes globula (Araneae: Scytodidae) and the harvestman Discocyrtus invalidus (Opiliones: Gonyleptidae)

Static allometry and sexual size dimorphism in Centruroides margaritatus (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

Short Communications

Nephila female gigantism attained through post-maturity molting

Egg sac parasitism of Arctic wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae) from northwestern North America