The Journal of Arachnology - 2004
Volume 32 Number 3 - pp. 353-556



Featured Articles

A review of the Chinese nursury-web spider (Araneae, Pisauridae)

A review of the spider genus Thiodina (Araneae, Salticidae) in the United States

Description of the female of Acropsopilio chomlae (Goodnight & Goodnight 1948) From Chiapas, Mexico (Opiliones, Caddidae, Acropsopilioninae)

Remarks on the New World pseudoscorpion genera Parawithius and Victorwithius, with a new genus bearing a remarkable sternal modification (Pseudoscorpiones, Withiidae)

Revision of the nearctic spider genus Calymmaria (Araneae, Hahniidae)

The genus Brattia beyond South America (Araneae, Linyphiidae)

A new species of the genus Vaejovis (Scorpiones, Vaejovidae) endemic to the Balsas Basin of Michoacan, Mexico

Review Article

Why study spider sex: special traits of spiders facilitate studies of sperm competition and cryptic female choice