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Header Images: Opilionid by Joe Warfel, Lynx Spider by Brian Reynolds, Lasiochernes cretonatus Pseudoscorpion by Anonymous.

Past AAS Annual Meeting Abstracts

Abstracts for the 2020 Virtual Summer Symposium, organized by Greta Binford, Mercedes Burns, Lisa Chamberland and Jeremy McWilliams

Oral presentation abstracts (PDF)
Poster presentation abstracts (PDF)

2020 Virtual Summer Symposium

Abstracts for the 2019 Meeting at Lexington Virginia, hosted by Nadia Ayoub

(download the abstracts as a document file)

2019 AAS Meeting Logo
Abstracts for the 2018 Meeting at Ypsilanti Michgan, hosted by Cara Shillington and Anne Danielson-Francois 2017 Meeting Logo
Abstracts for the 2017 Meeting at Quéretaro, Juriquilla, hosted by Fernando Álvarez Padilla 2017 Meeting Logo

Abstracts for the 2016 Meeting at Golden Colorado, hosted by Paula Cushing

2016 Golden Colorado Meeting

Abstracts for the 2015 Meeting at Mitchell South Dakota hosted by Brian Patrick

Mitchell SD Meeting Logo

Abstracts for the 2014 Meeting at Ohio State University at Newark Ohio hosted by Andrew Roberts

Logo for 2014 Newark OH AAS Meeting

Abstracts for the 2013 Meeting at East Tennessee State University hosted by Tom Jones

AAS 2013 Meeting Logo

Abstracts for the 2012 Meeting at University of Wisconsin Green Bay hosted by Michael Draney and Vicky Medland

poster abstracts

2012 Greenbay

Abstracts for the 2011 Meeting at Lewis and Clark College hosted by Greta Binford and Susan Masta

poster abstracts

AAS 2011 Meeting logo
Abstracts for the 2010 Meeting at East Carolina University hosted by Jason Bond
AAS 2010 Meeting in Greenville NC
Abstracts for the 2009 Meeting at Arkansas Tech University hosted by Ty Yamashita
AAS 2009 Meeting in Russellville
Abstracts for the 2008 Meeting at the University of California at Berkeley hosted by Rosie Gillespie, Charles Griswold and Jeremy Miller
AAS 2008 Meeting in Berkeley
Abstracts for the 2007 Meeting at the Susquehanna University hosted by Matt Persons
AAS 2007 Meeting in Susquehanna
Abstracts for the 2006 Meeting at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore hosted by Nancy Kreiter
AAS 2006 Meeting in Baltimore
Abstracts for the 2005 Meeting at the University of Akron hosted by Maggie Hodge and Todd Blackledge
AAS 2005 Meeting in Akron
Abstracts for the 2004 Meeting in at the University of Oklahoma hosted by Doug Gaffin
AAS 2004 Meeting in Norman
Abstracts for the 2003 Meeting at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver hosted by Paula Cushing


AAS 2003 Meeting in Denver
Abstracts for the 2002 Meeting in at the University of California at Riverside hosted by Rick Vetter
AAS 2002 Meeting in Riverside
AAS 2001 Meeting at Keene NH
Abstracts for the 2000 Meeting in Lexington Kentucky  
Abstracts for the 1999 in Trinidad
hosted by Chris Starr
AAS 1999 Meeting in Trinidad