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Number 91 (pdf) October 2023

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

Report on American Arachnological Society meeting, Ithaca, New York; 2023 AAS Student Presentation Winners; Greta Binford honored; Student Research Grant Awardees; Herb Levi Memorial Fund for Arachnological Research; Insect Welfare Research Society Grant Opportunities; Spiders of North America: an identification manual $30 Sale ends soon! Interview with Yael Lubin; Centennial Reenactment of the 1923 Crosby & Bishop Southeastern Spider Expedition; More Accurate Use of the Terms Venomous, Poisonous, and Toxic; AAS Discount for Spiders of India; Bound Issues of JoA Available; Arácnido Website; Ecdysis: a Data Portal for Live-Data Arthropod Collections; Advice and Wisdom from George Uetz’s Keynote Address, June 2023, Cornell University


Number 90 (pdf) April 2023

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2023 American Arachnological Society meeting, Ithaca, New York, 2023; International Congress of Arachnology Presentation Winners, Why become a student member of the AAS? All you Need to Know About Spiders, Auto correct tool for spider species, Justin Schmidt remembrance, Herb Levi’s lab, 1987, Interview with Jerry Rovner, Sycamore bark as a substrate in live spider settings, The genus Oecobius Lucas (Araneae: Oecobiidae) in northwestern Mexico


Number 89 (pdf) November 2022

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2023 International Congress of Arachnology, Uruguay, 2023 American Arachnological Society meeting, Ithaca, New York, Grant Deadline Reminders, Publication Discount and Special Issue Announcements, Request for Salticus Species, In Search of the Ant-Mimicking salticid Myrmarachne formicaria in its native range, Ants, Novomessor albisetosus (Mayr) Prevent Nest Mates from Dying, Interview with Norman Horner, The genus Drassyllus in Kansas, Student Grant Recipient Reports


Number 88 (pdf) April 2022

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2022 American Arachnological Annual Meeting, Davis, California, American Arachnology Erratum, Journal of Arachnology News, News to Use for Students, Norm Platnick Award for Taxonomic Research – Deadline April 30th, Interview with North American Solifugae Expert, Jack Brookhart, In Memoriam: Peter Weygoldt, In Memoriam: Ed Tillinghast, Arachnids of North Carolina, Research on Plectreurys (Araneae: Plectreuridae), Scytodes atlacoya (Araneae, Scytodidae) Range Expansion and Behavioral Observations


Number 87 (pdf) October 2021

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2021 American Arachnological Society Virtual Conference Report, 2021 Conference Presentation Winners, Castianeira (Araneae, Corinnidae) in Kansas, Assessing the Patterns and Drivers of Shape Complexity in the Amblypygid Pedipalp,
Spider Maternal Care in the Fossil Record, AAS Election Results, Norm Platnick Awardee, Student Research Grant Winners, Herb Levi Memorial Fund for Arachnological Research (HLMFAR) grant winners, Common Spiders of North America Report, New Graduate Student Representative, Tribute to Don Cameron, AAS Grant Deadlines, Donation Information, and Reminder


Number 86 (pdf) June 2021

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2021 American Arachnological Society Virtual Conference, A Spider Says Hi to a Fly, Spider Webs and Noise, A Feeding Aid for Web-Building Spiders Reluctant to Build a Web, Newly Redesigned AAS Website and Membership Section


Number 85 (pdf) October 2020

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

2020 Virtual Meeting Report, Student Presentation Winners, 2020 Research Grant Awards, In Memoriam, Lessons on Arachnology from Charlie Dondale, ENTOPOC: Entomology People of Color Opportunity, Training Opportunity, AAS Member Wins a 2020 Ig Nobel Prize!, Discounts & Publications for AAS Members, Common Spiders of North America news, Request for Plectreuridae, An Online Update to the Spider Checklist of India (Arachnida: Araneae), Tarantula Survives Encounter with Recreational Vehicle Slipstream, Taxonomic Problems in the Genus Trochosa (Araneae: Lycosidae), A Description of the Nursery Web of Tibellus asiaticus (Araneae: Philodromidae), Status of the Wolf Spider Genus Schizocosa (Araneae: Lycosidae) in Kansas, Spiders! Interconnectedness, Innovation & Stewardship


Number 84 (pdf) April 2020

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

American Arachnological Society Annual Meeting, AAS Travel Grants, Student Paper Award Guidelines, Project Report: The Spider Day 2019, Serbia, Spiders in the Classroom: A Graduated Approach, AAS Outreach Committee, Common Spiders of North America Update, Status of the Wolf Spider Genus, Tigrosa, in Kansas, In Search of Tiny Female Spiders (Linyphiidae, Erigoninae), Request for Lophomma depressum, Walk a While With Me, AAS Website Update & Introduction to the Webmaster, Society Archives News

Number 83 (pdf) October 2019

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

Annual Meeting Reports, Election Results, Webmaster Recognition, Student Research Grant Recipients, HLMFAR Grant Winners, Travel Grant Recipients, Student Presentation Winners, Membership Dues Increase, Job Posting, Website Update, Revitalized Common Names Committee, Request for Pholcus phalangioides, Request for Herb Levi Bio Information, Cardiac Marks on Spiders, Oecobius maculatus 1870 Distribution, Ongoing Work on Atypus snetsingeri, Arachno-Files and #SpiderTwitter, Newsletter Items

Number 82 (pdf) April 2019

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

AAS Annual Meeting, Travel Grants, Macrophotography Course, Biology of Spiders at Higlands Bio Station, Spider Diversity Inventory for Los Tuxtlas, Mexico, Request for Specimens, Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network, JoA News, Other News

Number 81 (pdf) August 2018

Paula E. Cushing, ed.

Publication of the newsletter was discontinued in 2010. At the 2018 meeting, the membership overwhelmingly voted to reinstate the newsletter. This is the first issue in over 8 years.

Archived versions of the official AAS newsletter, American Arachnology 1968-2010

Thanks to longtime AAS member, Kenny Prestwich, for scanning and creating accessible pdf copies of all past issues of the AAS newsletter, American Arachnology. This huge task was made possible by past hard copy issues sent by various AAS members to the society secretary, Paula Cushing. We hope this resource is a treasure for anyone wishing to know about the history of the American Arachnological Society!

Issue #




September 1968

C.D.  Dondale, ed.


Questionnaire results about the newsletter and bios of members

News about copies of Simon's "HISTOIRE NATURELLE des ARAIGNEES"


February 1969

C.D.  Dondale, ed.


C.D. Dondale, ed.

Sketches of three arachnological organizations (Arachnologists of the Southwest, British Arachnological Society & Arachnological Society of East Asia)

Bea Vogel reviews Herb & Lorna Levi's venerable Spiders and Their Kin

Listing of 70+ arachnologists of the Americas


Nov. 1969

Bea Vogel, ed.


Bea Vogel takes over as editor of the newsletter!

Arachnological news and recent deaths

An American Arachnologists in Paris!

Review of Kaestner's Invertebrate Zoology

Additional Listing of Arachnologists of the Americas to supplement previous list (Newsletter 2)


June 1970

Bea Vogel, ed.


Bea Vogel, ed.

Plea for more arachnological news to make the newsletter effective

Reflections on pollution

News about arachnologists and various publications and meetings of the time.

Arachnology course listing

Contact information for additional arachnologists


March 1971

Bea Vogel, ed.


Thoughts about the newsletter and what it should accomplish



Requests for specimens and information

Other arachnological organizations

Information and services

New books

Research report – courtship and a species problem in a Pardosa. CD Dondale, JH Render and RB Semple

Book Review: A Spider's Web.  Problems in Regulatory Biology. Witt, Reed and Peakall.  Reviewed by Robin Leech

Arachnology courses

News about arachnologists

Chiricahua notes – W. Gertsch


October 1971

Bea Vogel, ed.


New book


Arachnology journal?  -- here it is folks – this led to JoA!

Arachnology symposium at EntSocAm?

Movie review – The Hellstrom Chronicle  -- humans and insects as enemies! Review by Bea Vogel

News about arachnologists

Report on Fifth International Arachnological Congress

Arachnology courses

New Addresses and New Listings of arachnologists of the Americas

Directory of American arachnologists as of Oct 1971


April 1972

Bea Vogel, ed.


Report on forming a "Society of American Arachnology" (to become the AAS)

Acarological Society of America – membership dues were $1!


Requests for information/specimens

Fate of the "Common Spiders"  -- Herb Levi

"A nomenclatorial problem" – how should women scientists be addressed by Bea Vogel – read this and reflect on what has and has not changed (KNP editorial comment)

Arachnology courses in North America

News about arachnologists

In memoriam  -- Lothar Glatz


Book review – Spiders of Southern Africa by JH Yates  -- reviewed by BJ Kaston

American arachnologists

Questionnaire for those willing to ID arachnids


October 1972

Bea Vogel, ed.


American Arachnology begins to look like a formal newsletter with a new layout


Proposed 1973 Meetings

Future of the AA newsletter

"Le mécène° de l'Arachnologie" a poem by P. Bonnet dedicated to the LA County Nature Centers by Bill Peck (all good arachnologists of the time read French!)

V. Roth – Proposal for a Nearctic Spider Catalog


Zoological Record

Translation Pool

Announcements (change of address, specimens, info exchange)

News about arachnologists

Arachnid ID services

More on Arachnologists of the Southwest

Book Reviews (all by BJ Kaston)

  • B.Y. Main. 1964. Australian Spiders.
  • V. V. Hickmann, 1967. Some Common Tasmanian Spiders
  • R.R. Forster 1961, 1968, 1970. The Spiders of New Zealand. Parts I, II and III

Address changes and new addresses

V. Roth: Diguetidae and Homalonychidae

Key: A key to the Genera of Nearctic Hahniidae by Vince Roth


April 1973

Bea Vogel, ed.


About AA

AAS – about, proposed constitution changes, 1973 meetings (AAS in Silver City NM, Eastern section AAS at Penn State, Southeastern at Welaka, FL

ICSEB Meeting

News about arachnologists

Exchange and loans

Translation Pool

Arachnid ID services

On Reading Lehtinen's "Classification of the cribellate spiders" – a poem by C. Dondale

Arachnologists of the southwest merged into AAS

Arachnid collections

Research note:  FR Russell "Effects of Latrodectus egg poison on web building"

Nearctic spider catalog

American arachnologists – address changes and new listings

Key:  V. Roth and W. Brown: Illustrated Key to Nearctic Gnaphosidae.


October 1973

Bea Vogel, ed.


About the AAS (w/175+ members at the time)



AAS Treasurer's report

Meeting reports

  • 1973
    • NE AAS Section
    • Western AAS Section
    • First International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
  • 1974
    • 6th International Arachnological Congress
    • Eastern and western AAS sectional meetings
  • 1975 proposed AAS meetings

Publication announcements


News about arachnologists

Translation pool listing

Arachnid collections – U Washington,  UC Riverside, U Minnesota, & British Museum

Directory of American Arachnologists


April 1974

Bea Vogel, ed.


Growth of AA subscriptions leading to financial burden!

First issue of JoA published!

Requests and announcements

1973 -75 Meetings

Arachnological courses

Arachnologist address changes

New AAS members and institutional members


Winter 1974-75

Bea Vogel, ed.


Announcements concerning AA and JoA


Exchanges and Requests

Meetings – AAS Divisions and IAC (all 1974) and future meetings

Announcements, exchanges, & requests

Death notice – AM Chickering

Book reviews:

  • Forster & Forster. New Zealand Spiders – An Introduction. Reviewed and praised by Charles Dondale
  • Headstrom. Spiders of the United States. Slammed (and I mean slammed) by Charles Dondale

Arachnologist's addresses

Information on a convenient way to join both the AAS and BAS


April 1975

Bea Vogel, ed.


Announcements concerning AA


Editor's comment – On being a naturalist in the US (B. Vogel)

Past Meetings (1974 – AAS divisional meetings and I

Exchanges and Requests


General news from the arachnological world and announcements

New member listings

Address changes

British Arachnological Society announcements

Catalog of New Spider Genera 1940-1970 (with references & index) by Platnick and Neary – note – authors request that it not be cited.


Winter 1975-76

Bea Vogel, ed.


Announcements concerning AA

Future Meetings

Essay -- "The ecological buffer system – or- what they are good for"  by Bea Vogel

Report of events of the AAS Meeting at Warrensburg MO (where the use of cladistics was "strongly" urged)


General Announcements

Directory of Arachnologists


April 1976

Bea Vogel, ed.


Eastern and Western AAS Division Meetings – dates and events

Exchanges and Requests


New member listings and address changes

"A Noiseless Patient Spider" by Walt Whitman


October 1976

Bea Vogel, ed.


Announcements about JoA and AA.

List of 1977 Meetings

Maddison cartoons as new feature of AA.

AAS Western & Eastern Division 1977 Meeting reports

Proposed changes to AAS Constitution and By-Laws

Announcements, Exchanges, and Requests

New Membership Listings and Address Changes

Book Reviews

Pfletschinger. 1976. Einheimsche Spinnen (Native Spiders) Reviewed by Herb Levi

Stern & Kullmann, 1975. Leban am seidenen Faden. Die rätselvolle Welt der Spinnen. (Life on a silken thread; the mysterious world of spiders.). Reviewed by Herb Levi


April 1977

Bea Vogel, ed.


Society business


AAS Eastern Section meeting (Western Carolina Univ)

AAS Western Section meeting (Brigham Young Univ)

International Congress of Arachnology

Arachnology courses

New Publication – Peckhamia

Short notes – a riddle; a rare spider; addendum to Catalog of New Spider Genera  (ctenizidae and  gnaphosidae), address changes and hitchhiking black widow



  • Tarantula trappers ^not^ Wanted
  • In defense of tarantulas
  • Tarantula names

Translation of scholarly paper: Otto Kraus. 1976.  The phylogenetic position and evolution of the chelicerata.  Translation from article in Entomologica Germanica 2:1-12.  translated by Pedro Wygodzinsky and Norm Platnick and introduced by Norm Platnick


October 1978

William Shear, Ed.


A New Editor

Spider Club of South Africa

Reports of Meetings, 1977-78

Calls for specimens

Journal News

Graduate Studies

Notes for Collectors

Corrections by BJ Kaston


Translation Pool and Slide Library.

JoA Covers Requested

Abstracts from the 1978 Meeting

President Donda1e's Message


May 1979

William Shear, Ed.


New Book

New Research Literature

Journal News

Call for Specimens

Curatorial Notes


Range Extensions

Proposed Constitutional Changes

Arachnoquiz #2

 J. H. Emerton

Graduate Study


October 1979

William Shear, Ed.


Researchers Call for Specimens

Spiders on PBS

Range Extensions


Journal News

Studies in Papua New Guinea

Arachnoquiz #3

Biography of Eugene Simon

Abstracts of Papers from 1979 Meetings


June 1980

William Shear, Ed.


Research notes

New records and range extensions

Arachnology courses

Journal News

Another AAS

New Research Literature

New Book

Arachnoquiz #4

Biographical sketch of R. F. Lawrence


October 1980

William Shear, Ed.


Report on the Eighth International Congress

Roth to Offer Prize

Arachnoquiz #5

Research Needs

More on Araneism

News of the Society

Biographical Sketch: Father Chrysanthus

Abstracts from the Cincinnati Meetings


May 1981

William Shear, Ed.


Western Carolina gets Witt Library


Still more on araneism

Research requests

Knoxville meeting news

New research articles

Biographical sketch


October 1981

William Shear, Ed.


Society News

1982 Meetings

Research Requests

Books New and Old

American Tarantula Society

Report on the Knoxville Meeting

Abstracts of Papers from Knoxville Meeting


June 1982

William Shear, Ed.


New Records

ICZN Notification

Notes from People

Arachnological Education

Books: News and Needs

A Giant Fossil Spider

Last Word on Araneism


Nov. 1982

William Shear, Ed.


Research Requests

1983 Meetings

JoA Manuscript Preparation

New Books

ESRC/ESF Works hop Features Spiders

Eastern Section 1982 Meeting & Abstracts from the Eastern Section

Western Section 1982 Meeting &d Abstracts

Shameless Gossip


June 1983

William Shear, Ed.


1983 Meetings


News About People

Research Requests

Applications of New Photographic Technology

Twenty Years After

New Spider Catalog

Arachnology in the Philippines

Looking for Lutica

Spider Hunting in Chile

Tangled Web


June 1983

William Shear, Ed.


IX International Congress of Arachnology

1983 Western Section Meeting & Abstracts from 1983 Western Section Meeting

Random Notes

1983 Eastern Section Meeting & Abstracts from 1983 Eastern Section Meeting

Postscript on Araneism

Monotaxophilia  by Jon Reiskind  (AAS President's Address)

And Now, Spider Fighting

Quiz Answers

Where Is It? – Locations of Collecting Sites  by Herb Levi


May 1984

William Shear, Ed.


1984 Meeting in New Orleans

Reports on Ongoing Research

Summer Course on Spiders


Research Help Needed

Miscellany: Gazetteers, Keys, Araneism

Portable Flash Systems

Mike Robinson Appointed

An Exhibit of Abbot Paintings

Changes in Constitution and Bylaws

Editor's Farewell – William Shear


Nov. 1984

Brent Opell, Ed.


1985 and 1986 Meeting Dates

British Arachnology Newsletters

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Erigoninae & Linyphiinae Catalogs

Note from the Editor (Brent Opell)
Handbook for Spider Identification

Reports on Ongoing Research:

  • Allen Brady
  • Ruth Buskirk
  • James Carico
  • Jerome Rovner
  • Deborah Smith
  • Carlos Valerio

Board of Directors Election
Changes in the Constitution By-Laws

New Orleans Meeting Report

Report on Meeting Field Trips
Student Paper Awards

Abstracts From the 1984 Meetings

  • Symposium: Spider Social Behavior
  • Paper and Poster Sessions

Key to 1984 Meeting Photograph


May 1985

Brent Opell, Ed.


L.A. meetings

Arachnological systematics society elections

Willard Whitcomb's contributions

Bulletin board:


Back issues of journal

Request for specimens and information

Ernst Mayr grant announced

New associate editor

Panamanian field work

Research reports: T. Christenson & C Dondale  G. Stratton, G. Uetz & L. Vincent

Distribution of arachnologists treasurer's report
Membership list


October 1985

Brent Opell, Ed.


B. J. Kaston 1906-1985

Honorary members elected

1986 meeting 

1985 society election

Revue arachnologique subscription

Grants and fellowships from the AMHN

International commission of zoological nomenclature

USSR arachnology group formed
1987 meeting -- Las Cruces, New Mexico

1986 International Congress -- Jaca, Spain

Gertsch reprints available

Society archives established

Dangerous Aphonopelma?

Journal back issues

Research Reports: Reiskind, Richman, Roth, Rypstra & Suter

1986 Meeting pre-registration form

1985 Meeting

  • report
  • key to meeting photo
  • field trip report a symposium on scorpion biology abstracts
  • paper presentations & abstracts

Membership list update  


April 1986

Brent Opell, Ed.


1986 Meeting - St. Charles, MO.

1987 Meeting - location changed

Society business items

Guidelines for student paper awards

Board of Directors election

Exline-Frizzell Research awards

Treasurer's report

Research reports:

  • Catherine Craig       
  • William Eberhard
  • Gary Miller
  • Martin Muma
  • Gary Polis

Guidelines for seeking spider identification

Nomenclatural change

Spider identification manuals:

  • Gaddy & Morse Common Spiders of South Carolina (review by Brent Opell)
  • Roth Spider Genera of North America (review by Brent Opell)


Nov. 1986

Brent Opell, Ed.


Society business items
1988 Meeting
Book review -- Spiders: webs, behavior, and evolution. W. A. Shear, editor  (review by Brent Opell?)


Research reports:

  • Joseph Beatty
  • Norman Horner
  • Yael D. Lubin
  • David Wise

C. I. D. A. Meeting report

A. A. S. 1986 MEETING:

  • Meeting report
  • Field trip report
  • Student paper awards
  • Index to abstracts
  • Abstracts


April 1987

Brent Opell, Ed.


1987 Meeting, Harvard University

Society elections
Notices and requests
Book review: Spinnenfauna gestern und heute by J.Wunderlich  reviewed by H. Levi

Treasurer's report

Research reports:

  • Bruce Cutler
  • Jim Berry AND Joe Beatty
  • Graeme Wilson

Comments on arachnid nomenclature

Spiders implicated in human envenomations

Another notion about spider courtship

A Canadian's glimpse of Australian spiders

Spider taxonomists

Spider identification manual


Nov. 1987

Jim Berry, Ed.


Journal update
1988 Meeting Notice

Call For Papers
Future Meetings Schedule

Election Results

Spider Course
Linyphiid Checklist
Checklist of Panamanian Spiders

1987 AAS T-Shirts

Official Lists and Indexes

Tribute to Herb -Levi

11th International Congress

Nomenclature Commission Nominations

Nomenclature Notice


Advance Registration Form /Info. - - - - Centerfold

Steve Skinner
Field Trip Report (Brent Opell)

Preservation Technique
Address Changes
Group Photo and Legend

Financial Report


April 1988

Jim Berry, Ed.


Election of Director and Secretary

Conference on Systematics Collections

Australian Arachnology (book) – information on obtaining it

Status of Chelifer Geoffroy
Computerized Bibliography of Spider Literature

Goodnight Obituary
Arthropod Jewelry
Spider Courses
Call for Papers for CIDA Listing

Vince Roth's Odyssey

Wills for Arachnologists

Constitution and BY-LAWS

Research Reports

  • Craig Heiber
  • Jackie Palmer
  • Petra Sierwald
  • Scott Stockwell
  • Ed Tillinghast

Collecting Trogloneta and Mysmena

Spider silk symposium
Financial Report


Nov. 1988

Jim Berry, Ed.


Financial status of the Society
1989 Annual Meeting
Proposed changes in the By-Laws
Financial statement
Changes in dues and page charges
Research opportunities in Costa Rica

Collecting in Mexico

Book review: Australian Arachnology Reviewed by Petra Siewald

Las Cruces field trip report

Abstracts: papers presented at Las Cruces

Arachnological societies of the world


April 1989

Jim Berry, Ed.


Indianapolis Meeting

Society Elections

Back issues of American Arachnology

Update on Platnick's catalog

Pseudoscorpion catalog (forthcoming)

Book on Chinese spiders (Song Da-Xing: Spiders from Agricultural China)

Arachnology in the USSR

NASA spiders and I  -- by Peter Witt

AAS Financial Report

More information on collecting in Mexico

Research Reports

  • William Eberhard
  • Herb Levi
  • Yael Lubin
  • Ernst-August Seyfarth

On Clerck's spider collection (K. Victory and J. Cokendolpher, translators and adapters)

Texas Tech collection moved

Information requested on John Crompton

Program for Phylogenetic Analysis


Nov. 1989

Jim Berry, Ed.


Annual Meeting in Ottawa

Society Election

Spider courses

Requests for specimens

ICZN news

AAS Treasurer's report

Field trip report from Indianapolis Meeting

Ancestral chelicerate? – by William Shear

Milwaukee Public Museum arachnid collection

Notes from AAS Annual Business Meeting

Research report – Maria Elena Galiano

Indianapolis Meeting Abstracts

List of Previous AAS Meeting sites

Addendum: Charles Harper's Lyme Disease poster

Order form for The Torre-Bueno Glossary of Entomology


April 1990

Jim Berry, Ed.


1990 Annual Meeting in Ottawa

AAS Director Election  & results of 1989 special election

Guide to children's books

Martin Muma and Zvonimir Maretíc obituaries

Note on cleaning female copulatory organs by P. Sierwald

Research reports:  B. Opell, L. Rayor, V. Fet, C. Griswold, F. Coyle, & R. Raven

Treasurer's report

Future AAS Meeting locations

AAS 1990 Membership List


October 1990

Jim Berry, Ed.


1991 Meeting at Univ. Mississippi Announcement

C. Dondale named honorary AAS member

Pierre Bonnet passing on 18 Aug. 1990

Report on 1990 Ottawa meeting

Report on Ottawa meeting field trip

Treasurer's report

"An arthropod morphologist looks at 600 MY of chelicerate evolution" by EL Smith

"An arachnologist in India" by V. Roth.

"A more friendly account of Martin Muma" obituary by V. Roth

Abstracts for Ottawa meeting

Ottawa meeting photo


March 1991

Brent Opell, Ed.


Society elections

Foreign languages in JoA

New editor for JoA

1991 Annual Meeting at Univ. of Mississippi

XII International Congress of Arachnology, Brisbane, Australia

AAS Election candidates and resumes


Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature news

Request for Tetragnatha

Report on photographic library committee for Ann Morton Photographic Slide Collection by R. Leech

Turku Congress proceedings available

Call for memorabilia and abstracts by the infamous AAAFF

Report from the committee on common names of arachnids w/ proposed list (GB Edwards)

Future meeting locations

Research reports from J. Carrel, H. Höfer & C. Aitchison-Bennell


  • P. Bonnet by W. Peck
  • GH Locket by AS Millidge

Book review: Lange, AB. 1989.  Fauna and Ecology of Spiders and Scorpions (in Russian) reviewed by V. Fet

Member's Bitnet addresses

Treasurer's report


Nov. 1991

Brent Opell, Ed.


1992 Annual Meeting

Election Results

Notices and Requests

Research Note

Arachnology at Virginia Museum

1991 Annual Meeting:


Student Paper Awards


Bitnet (no, this is not bitcoin!) and Internet Addresses


April 1992

Brent Opell, Ed.


1992 Meeting


Notices & requests

Book review

Research report

DNA In arachnology

Petrusewicz's escape


Nov. 1992

Brent Opell, Ed.


1993 Meeting

Notices & requests

Field Studies in North Carolina

Nomenclatural Changes


New Museum Curators

Guidelines for student paper awards

Marine arachnid

  • 1992 AAS Meeting
  • Student Paper Awards
  • Field Trip Report
  • Abstracts

Bitnet addresses


April 1993

Brent Opell, Ed.


1993 Meeting
AAS Election
Notices & Comment
DNA Update
Scorpions of Puerto Rico/Hispaniola

Back Issues of Newsletter

Treasurer's Report

Meeting Update

  • Registration Form
  • Call for Papers
  • Housing Reservations
  • Housing Information

Ballot for AAS Elections

E-mail Update


Nov. 1993

Alan Cady, ed.


1993 A.A.S. Meeting Report

  • Student Paper Award
  • Auction Results
  • Field Trip Report
  • Financial reports
  • Abstracts
  • Group Picture Key


Arachnological Notes


April 1994

Alan Cady, ed.


1994 A.A.S. Meeting

Student Paper Guidelines

Spider Communities Symposium

Treasurer's Report

1993 Minutes

Election of A.A.S. Director

Arachnological Notes

  • The "enigmatic" deep-sea arachnid
  • Status of Red-Leg Tarantula
  • Cleaning epigyna
  • Arachnid bites and sting



Nov. 1994

Alan Cady, ed.


1994 AAS Meeting

Presentation Abstracts

Poster Abstracts

Treasurer's Report

Voting Results

1995 A.A.S. Meeting

Arachnological Note


April 1995

Alan Cady, ed.


1995 A.A.S. Meeting

Student Paper Guidelines


Poster Symposium

1995 AAS Elections

A.A.S. Research Grants

Treasurer's Report

1994 Minutes

Phone / FAX Directory

Meeting Forms

Graduate Catalog
Arachnological Courses
Spiders from Hernandez's Natural History of New Spain

Arachnological Notes


Nov. 1995

Alan Cady, ed.


1995 A.A.S. Meeting Report

Oral Presentation Abstracts

Poster Presentation Abstracts

1995 A.A.S. Election Results

Treasurer's Report

1996 A.A.S. Meeting, Tucson, AZ

Journal of Arachnology News

Graduate Sponsor List

Arachnological Course

A.A.S. Research Fund

Arachnological Notes


April 1996

Alan Cady, ed.


1996 A.A.S. Meeting, Tucson AZ

Student Paper Guidelines


Treasurer's Report
1995 Business Meeting Minutes
Meeting Forms
A.A.S Constitution & By-Laws

C.I.D.A.&A.A.S., 1998
European Colloquium
Call for Common Names
Meeting Payment Form
Arachnological Notes

Map for 1996 A.A.S Meeting
A.A.S Member Directory Coming!


January 1997

Alan Cady, ed.


1996 A.A.S. Meeting Report
Oral Presentation Abstracts
Poster Presentation Abstracts
A Note from the JoA Editor

1997 A.A.S. Meeting, Dickinson, ND

Grassland Spider Symposium?

1998 CIDA/AAS Meeting Chicago

Treasurer's Report

Arachnological Notes

1996 AAS Meeting Group Picture

AAS Join - Up Form

E-mail, AAS Directory, Calendar


May 1997

Alan Cady, ed.


1997 A.A.S. Meeting, Dickinson, ND

Student Paper Guidelines


1997 A.A.S. Elections

1996 Business Meeting Minutes

1999 A.A.S. in Trinidad & Tobago

Meeting Forms


1998 C.I.DA. & A.A.S. Meeting

Arachnological Notes

Ballot for 1997

A.A.S. Elections

Calendar Photo Finals


February 1998

Alan Cady, ed.


1997 A.A.S. Meeting Report

Oral Presentation Abstracts

Poster Presentation Abstracts
Student Paper Awards 8

1998 C.I.D.A. & A.A.S. Meeting, 27 June - 3 July, Chicago IL

1997 A.A.S. Election Results

Proposed By-Laws Amendment

Treasurer's Report

A.A.S. Research Fund & Awards
1999 A.A.S. Meeting, Trinidad

Arachnological Fellowship

Arachnological Course

Arachnological Notes


April 1998

Alan Cady, ed.


1998 C.I.D.A. & A.A.S. Meeting

Student Paper Awards Guidelines


Treasurer's Report

1999 A.A.S. Meeting, Trinidad

Vince Roth Fund

Arachnological Courses

Arachnological Notes


March 1999

Alan Cady, ed.


1998 CIDA / AAS Meeting Report

Oral Presentation Titles & Authors

Poster Presentation Titles & Authors

1998 Student Paper Awards

1999 A.A.S. Meeting, Trinidad

1998 A.A.S. Election Results

A.A.S. Research Fund & Awards

1998 CIDA / AAS Group Picture

European Colloquium of Arachnology


April 1999

Alan Cady, ed.


1999 A.A.S. Meeting, Trinidad
Student Paper Guidelines
Meeting Forms
Treasurer's Report
International Society of Arachnology

1999 A.A.S. Elections

2000 A.A.S. in Lexington, KY

Arachnological Notes

JoA Index - 1983 - 1997


December 1999

Alan Cady, ed.


Includes abstracts for the Trinidad Meeting: Abstracts.


May 2000

Alan Cady, ed.


2000 A.A.S. Meeting, Lexington

Student Paper Guidelines

Treasurer's Report.

Meeting Forms

Estimated Spider Numbers.

A.A.S. Research Awards

2000 A.A.S. Elections

Arachnological Notes

Vince Roth Memorial Fund

A.A.S. Website

J.O.A. Index - 1983 - 1997


February 2001

Alan Cady, ed.


2000 AAS Meeting Report

2001 AAS Meeting, Keene, NH

2000 Oral and Poster
Presentation Abstracts

2000 Student Paper Awards

2000 AAS Election Results

2002 AAS Meeting, UC Riverside

e-JoA, AAS Website & JoA Index


May 2001


Alan Cady, ed.

Preview of the 2001 Annual Meeting in Keene New Hampshire

European cave pseudoscorpions

Treasurer's report and more!


March 2002

Alan Cady, ed.


2001 Keene Meeting Report (summary, abstracts, etc.),

Student awards,

Election results,

Memorials to Bill Peck



April 2002

Alan Cady, ed.


Preview of the 2002 Annual Meeting at the Univ. California Riverside

February 2003

Alan Cady, ed.


2002 UC Riverside Meeting issue (report of the meeting, meeting abstracts.  Abstracts.

May 2003

Alan Cady, ed.


Preview of 2003 Annual Meeting at the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver

Criteria for selecting student paper awards

Treasurer's Report

Remembrance of Craig Hieber

Preview of 2004 Annual Meeting in Norman OK

Preview of 16th Congress to be held in Ghent Belgium in July 2004

AAS and Roth and Research Awards, plus many other announcements!


April 2004

Alan Cady, ed.


PDF suppl.

The 2003 Annual Meeting in Denver at the Museum of Nature and Science issue.

Report of the meeting, including abstracts (Abstracts).

The supplement contains the group photo and business meeting minutes from the Denver (2003) meeting.


May 2004

Alan Cady, ed.


Information about the 2004 Annual Meeting at the University of Oklahoma

Treasurer's report

Names of awardees of Roth and AAS Research Grants

XVI International Congress preview

World spider catalogue


April 2005

Alan Cady, ed.


Abstracts from the 2004 Annual Meeting in Norman Oklahoma

Information on the 2005 Annual Meeting in Akron, Ohio

Update on the revision of the Spider Guide for North America

The supplement has the group photo from the 2004 Norman, OK meeting


May 2005

Alan Cady, ed.


Information on the 2005 Meeting at the University of Akron including registration forms

Best student paper contest and its judging, and the treasurer's report from 2004


Nov. 2005

Alan Cady, ed.


PDF suppl.

Summary of the 2005 Annual Meeting at the University of Akron.

Meeting abstracts.

Schedule of upcoming meetings,

Correspondence from members and order form for the Spiders of North America -- An Identification Guide.

The supplement has the group photo from the Akron meeting and other items.


May 2006

Alan Cady, ed.


Information about the 2006 Annual Meeting at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore.

Announcements concerning the Student Paper Awards, the Journal of Arachnology and Research Awards and a membership list of individuals.


March 2007

Alan Cady, ed.


PDF suppl.

This issue contains the abstracts from the 2006 AAS Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland (also on-line) and results from the 2006 AAS election and student paper competition. There is information about the 2007 AAS Meeting at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA. Some announcements and requests round-out the issue.

The group photo from the 2006 AAS Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland and some more details about the 2007 AAS Meeting at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA.

A report on the first CCCP Symposium and announcement of the new Student Travel Grant also may be seen.


May 2007

Alan Cady, ed.


Detailed information about the 2007 AAS Meeting at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA, registration forms, and the Call For Papers. The guidelines for the Student Paper competition is enclosed, awardees for the A.A.S. and Roth research funds, and reports from previous awardees.

April 2008

Alan Cady, ed.


2007 Annual Meeting report

2007 Meeting abstracts

Election results

European Congress


May 2008

Alan Cady, ed.


2008 Annual Meeting Information

Treasurer's report

Research funds awardees and reports from former recipients


March 2009

Alan Cady, ed.


Reports and abstracts from the 2008 AAS meeting

Election results

Preliminary information on the 2009 AAS meeting, some announcements, and other items of interest


May 2009

Alan Cady, ed.


Details and forms pertaining to the 2009 AAS meeting in Russellville, AR

Instructions to those entering the student paper competition, and the 2009 AAS and Roth research awardees


April 2010

Alan Cady, ed.


Reports and abstracts from the 2009 AAS annual meeting in Russellville, AR

Election results

Preliminary information on the 2010 AAS meeting, some announcements, and other items of interest