Student Awards

Student Paper Presentation Awards

The Student Paper Presentation Awards recognize outstanding work from students presenting oral papers and posters at the annual AAS Meeting. Students wishing to participate must be a member of AAS. Students should refer to the Student Paper Guide. The qualification form must be submitted by the Abstract deadline for the upcoming meeting.

Past Award Winners

2023 - Ithaca, New York
  • Runner-up oral, Becca Robertson
  • 1st place poster, Aislinn Shilcusky
  • Runner-up poster, Gia Ramos

2021 - Virtual Conference
  • Track 1: 1st place oral, Abel Corver
  • Track 1: Runner-up oral, Anna Holmquist
  • Track 2: 1st place oral, Tierney Bougie
  • Track 2: Runner-up oral, Daniela Candia-Ramirez
  • 1st place poster, Madeline Hannappel
  • Runner-up poster, Tiffany Guth

2020 - Virtual Summer Symposium
  • 1st place oral, Ashley Adams
  • Runner-up oral, Andreas Fischer
  • 1st place poster, Tyler Brown
  • Runner-up poster, Madeline Hannappel

2019 - Lexington, Virginia
  • 1st place oral, Laura Rosenwald
  • Runner-up oral, Lacie Newton
  • 1st place poster, Rebecca Godwin
  • Runner-up poster, Ariel Onyak

2018 - Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • 1st place oral, Sarah Han
  • Runner-up oral, Ella Santana-Proppe
  • 1st place poster, Megan Archdeacon

2017 – Juriquilla, Querétaro México
  • 1st place oral, Mary Jones
  • Runner-up oral, Kendall Hughes
  • 1st place poster, Nina Rivera-Roldan

2016 – Golden, Colorado joint ICA/AAS meeting

Morphology, Physiology, and Silk:

  • 1st place oral, Lenka Sentenska 
  • Runner-up oral, Bor-Kai Hsiung 
  • 1st place poster, Anthony Auletta 
  • Runner-up poster, Diego Alejandro Barrales Acala

Systematics, Evolution, and Biogeography

  • 1st place oral, Shahan Derkarabetian 
  • Runner-up oral, Caitlin Baker 
  • 1st place poster, Sasha Bishop 
  • Runner-up poster, Laura Marcela Segura-Hernandez

Behavior and Ecology

  • 1st place oral, Stefano Mammola 
  • Runner-up oral, Alissa Anderson 
  • 1st place poster, Catherine Scott 
  • Runner-up poster, Andreas Fischer

2015 – South Dakota Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Sarah Stellwagen
  • Runner-up oral, Robert Kawall 
  • 1st place poster, Jihoo Kim

2014 – Newark, OH Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Kristen Emata 
  • Runner-up oral, Skye Long 
  • 1st place poster, Ashley Carey 
  • Runner-up poster, Elizabeth Herrera

2013 - Tennesee Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Casey Richart 
  • Runner-up oral, J. Colton Watts 
  • 1st place poster, Alexis V. Guice 
  • Runner-up poster, Travis Seaborn

2012 – Green Bay, WI Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Jennifer Price
  • Runner-up oral - Kelton Welch 
  • 1st place poster, Kenneth Chapin
  • Runner-up poster, Darko Cotores

2011 – Portland, OR Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Hanna Wood 
  • Runner-up oral, Mercedes Burns 
  • 1st place poster, David Carlson
  • Runner-up, poster, Yong-chao Su

2010 – North Carolina Meeting
  • 1st place oral, Cynthia Tedore 
  • Runner-up oral, Jordan Slater 
  • 1st place poster, Michael Situarin 
  • 1st place poster (tie), Katelyn Kowles 
  • Runner-up poster, Kelsey Breen