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Donations to AAS

Donations are very important to the Society as they fund two separate research funds and, when unrestricted, can be used for anything that the Board believes is needed.

There is a separate charge for each type of donation. Thus, if you want to make a gift to all three funds, each time you select a donation button, a new window associated with that donation will appear.

Click on the "Donate" button and the link will take you to a paypal page, which will allow you to determine the amount you would like to donate.


Tax-deductible donation to the Student Arachnology Research Fund

Tax-deductible donation to the Student Roth Research Fund for Systematics

Tax-deductible donation to the Herb Levi Memorial Fund for Arachnological Research (non-student fund)

Tax-deductible donation to the American Arachnological Society