The Journal of Arachnology - 2014
Volume 42 Number 1 - pp. 1-134



New sequencing technologies, the development of genomics tools, and their applications in evolutionary arachnology

Featured Articles

A new spider (Araneae: Haplogynae: Plectreuridae) from the Cretaceous Fossil-Lagerstätte of El Montsec, Spain

Sex ratio bias caused by endosymbiont infection in the dwarf spider Oedothorax retusus

Vertical stratification of spider assemblages in two conifer plantations in central Japan

Assessing spider diversity on the forest floor: expert knowledge beats systematic design

The conservation value of secondary forests in the southern Brazilian Mata Atlântica from a spider perspective

Trophic niche and predatory behavior of the goblin spider Triaeris stenaspis (Oonopidae): a springtail specialist?

Use of locomotor performance capacities reflects the risk level associated with specific cue types in two cursorial spider species

A review and redescription of the cosmopolitan pseudoscorpion Chelifer cancroides (Pseudoscorpiones: Cheliferidae)

A new troglobitic ideoroncid pseudoscorpion (Pseudoscorpiones: Ideoroncidae) from southern Africa

Comparison of scorpion behavioral responses to UV under sunset and nighttime irradiances

Short Communications

Fine structure of the stinger (aculeus) in Euscorpius

Intense leg tapping behavior by the harvestman Mischonyx cuspidatus (Gonyleptidae): an undescribed defensive behavior in Opiliones?

Seasonal patterns of microhabitat selection by a sub-tropical whip spider, Phrynus longipes, in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico

Natural prey of the crab spider Xysticus marmoratus (Araneae: Thomisidae) on Eryngium plants