The Journal of Arachnology - 1987
Volume 15 Number 1 - pp. 1-139

Featured Articles

How spiders initiate airborne lines

The genus Centruroides in South America (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

El género Neocteniza Pocock, 1895 (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae) en la Argentina y Paraguay

Development and egg sac production of Achaearanea tepidariorum (C. L. Koch) (Araneae, Theridiidae) under long and short photoperiods

The new species Philoponella herediae and its modified orb-web (Araneae, Uloboridae)

The amino acid compositions of major and minor ampullate silks of certain orb-web-building spiders (Araneae, Araneidae)

The mechanism of habitat selection in the long-jawed orb-weaving spider Tetragnatha elongata (Araneae, Araneidae)

Systematics and natural history of Wadotes (Araneae, Agelenidae)

Research Notes

An inquiline relationship between the tailless whip-scorpion Phrynus gervaisii and the giant tropical ant Paraponera clavata

Egg production of Achaearanea tepidariorum (C. L. Koch) (Araneae, Theridiidae) in the field in Japan

Predation by Cheiracanthium mildei (Araneae, Clubionidae) on larval Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) in a greenhouse

Ortholasma setulipes Shear and Gruber is a synonym of Ortholasma coronadense Cockerell

A propos du male d'Ananteris luciae (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

Aquatic submergence of Acanthepeira venusta (Banks) (Araneae, Araneidae)

Supplementary descriptive notes on Schizomus liberiensis (Cook) (Schizomida, Schizomidae)